When developing the UC line I built on market demands emanating from the fact that many smaller arcades and less frequented casinos could not afford our products. I developed a concept that our colleagues developed and brought to life. The Universal Cabinets series is unique in the world. The ETG industry has never seen a series of traditional games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps with mechanical generators built to be played by a single player. The concept is universal due to its modular design. Every video or mechanical game is compatible with a universal base in one an upright, carousel or standalone variant. The new product is a showcase of Interblock’s unique capabilities, a combination of design, innovation and state of the art engineering that only the Interblock development team can bring. It is a new hit that will assure further growth for the company and multi million business opportunities for Interblock. I am certain our competition will not be able to survive without copying this product as well.