Welcome to the PULSE ARENA powered by Interblock - an immersive, multi-sensory, gaming environment designed to engage players by combining the latest trends in gaming, interactivity, and entertainment —creating a revolutionary wagering experience. The PULSE ARENA offers a new gaming experience to established players, while simultaneously attracting new players to the casino floor. With PULSE ARENA players can play all of their favorite games from the comfort of a single play station without having to get up and switch machines.


PULSE ARENA dealers will double as animators to host an unforgettable gaming experience! The PULSE ARENA features an expansive video wall designed to display player information , celebrate big wins or special events, or to even stream live content such as sporting events. With the press of a button the dealer or the animator is able to switch between a variety of moods ranging from a high-energy club like environment, to a VIP or daytime mood.

Play your favorite casino games with a dealer or in an automated or video format. With multi-game functionality you can seamlessly toggle between several games, and even set an automatic repeat bet allowing games to play in the background while you focus on the PULSE ARENA experience.



The PULSE ARENA has unlimited number
of possible designs and can include the following features: