1What if I have never played an Electronic Table Game (ETG)?
If you have never played an Electronic Table Game and are hoping to learn just stop in the Pulse Arena and ask one of the casino’s staff members! They will be able to walk you through the game, and potentially even trigger an educational mode where you can play-for-fun to learn without having to wager a dime!
2The person next to me keeps sending me instant messages on my console. How do I get it to stop?
With our chat module you are simply able to move the toggle in the top right hand corner of the screen to “off” in order to disable this function or just block this user.
3What if I don’t want to have a nightclub when I am playing my ETG?
The Pulse Arena has many different moods and atmospheres- it will not always be in the “Party mood” that your question is describing. The best thing to do is to ask your Pulse Arena host when the best times are for you to come back to the arena. They would be able to give you information on what times the Pulse is in a slower, mellower, mood!
4How is multi-hand Blackjack is different than regular Blackjack?
Multihand Blackjack is very similar to regular Blackjack if you imagine that are sitting alone at a table and play on up to 3 first hands and at the end of table you have additional player. Cards are always dealt to all available hands no matter if you bet on or not. Dealer starts pulling his cards according the rules when all players make their decisions on all hands.
5What is a Community game?
A Community games is video-game-like entertainment that is triggered by the dealers/entertainers. The dealers will pick a lucky player out from the crowd who is selected to play the game from their play station. Simultaneously, identical content is displayed on the video wall and the whole community gets involved! Win the community game and you get a (non-cash) prize.
6What is the point of a side-bet and how do I enable it? You mean play it?
Side bets offer more excitement and larger wins. According to that wins are not very frequent but higher. Each game user interface has special betting position marked in Side bet theme. Player just bet on this field and wait according to game process. All information about pay table and rules are achievable on the screen.
7What is this light up meter on my screen?
That is the Power meter! An integrated bonusing system on every play station that rewards you with a prize once it hits 100%! This meter grows based upon the number of games you play.