GOAL! Roulette

GOAL! Roulette™ is an exciting Side Bet for Single zero Roulette that is certain to improve the Hold on existing Roulette game. The Side Bet is themed around the popular game of European Football, and does not interfere with basic Roulette play. Players can follow all the Football action with stunning animation and sound on a separate LCD display. The object of GOAL! Roulette™ is to move the ball down the field, earn a shot on Goal multiplier, and score a Goal! The closer a team gets to a shot on Goal, the more the player wins, with a GOAL paying up to 500:1.

Main features:

Single zero roulette

Community game - side bet

Different paytables

Great atmosphere

Easy to play and understand

Settable min/max limits

Game type:
Roulette Single zero
  • Fully Automated
  • Fully automated Animator Assist
  • Dealer assist
  • Video multiplayer