Hi Ti

“Hi Ti” is a side bet for Baccarat or Punto Banco. The wager is that the two hands will be of an equal score, (i.e. an egalite/tie) but will be in a range of specific scores/outcomes. The wager will win if any of the specific scores/outcomes in the selected range is the result of the tied hand. If the score is not an egalite/tie , all wagers on “Hi Ti” will lose. If the score is an egalite/tie, all “Hi Ti” wagers on the specific range of numbers and colors that includes the winning outcome will win and be paid the appropriate odds. All “Hi Ti” wagers on a range of numbers and colors, where applicable, that does not include the winning outcome, will lose.

Main features:

Gamblers side bet

Card counting proof

Easy to play and understand

Settable min/max limits

Game type:
Baccarat / Punto Banco
  • Fully Automated
  • Fully automated Animator Assist
  • Dealer assist
  • Video multiplayer
  • Video standalone