The roulette wheel is marked with numbers 1 through 36 and numbers 0 and 00. Numbers are alternately colored red and black, while the 0 and 00 are green. Odds on roulette range from 35-to-1 to even money and are determined by the types of bets wagered on by the player.

To play, insert cash or a voucher into bill acceptor. Place your bets by selecting the desired bet denomination from the chip set and either touch any bet position on the field or drag the chip to bet position. When the system announces, "No more bets, thank you" you cannot place any further wagers. For more play or game information, press the "Help" button on the screen.

Touchdown Roulette Side Bet

The Touchdown Roulette Side Bet can be made before each Roulette spin, except for when a Touchdown Roulette Game is already in progress. A result of "0" or "00" triggers the Touchdown Roulette Game. All other outcomes (1-36) result in a loss of the Touchdown Roulette Side Bet.

Object Of The Side Bet

If game is triggered ("0" or "00"), player will be prompted to choose either the "RED" or "BLACK" team (Team will be randomly assigned to players who fail to select a team in the designated time). The object is for the selected team to score a Touchdown. Each game lasts for 4 spins. After each of the 4 spins, the football will move according to the following table:

ROULETTE NUMBER 0-00 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-36
YARDS 0 3 5 10 15

The location of the Football at the end of the 4 spins determines Winning Team and Pay Out: Red Team Wins:

Football closer to Red End Zone. Black Team Wins: Football closer to Black End Zone. TIE : Football located on the 50 Yard Line.


Yard TD 10-1 20-11 30-21 40-31 49-41 TIE Losing team
Pays 1000:1 150:1 75:1 50:1 25:1 10:1 5:1 1:1

A Single Number (Straight Up)
Pays 35-to-1

B Two Numbers (Split)
Pays 17-to-1

C Three Numbers (Straight Across)
Pays 11-to-1

D Four Numbers
Pays 8-to-1

E Six Numbers Across
Pays 6-to-1

F Six Numbers Across
Pays 5-to-1

G Dozen (12 Numbers)
Pays 2-to-1

H Column (12 Numbers)
Pays 2-to-1

I 1-to-18 or 19-to-36
Pays Even

J Odd or Even
Pays Even

K Color (Red or Black)
Pays Even