Keno is a traditional 80 number game with multiple side bets for added play. The player can play one play cards at a time. On each card player selects from two (2) and up to twelve (12) numbers. After selecting the wager amount the game starts and twenty (20) numbers are drawn.

Object of the game is to match player’s selected numbers with game drawn numbers. Any winning combination of numbers is multiplied by the wagered amount.

Main features:

Straight ticket: single ticket

Multi Keno / Repeat play: player is able to pay and play 5/10/20/50 consecutive games or for selected amount of money

Quick slip/Quick pick: player selects on how many numbers he wishes to bet (from 2 to 12) and lets the computer randomly select the numbers

Way Ticket: player can play several Straight Tickets on the same selection slip

Available Side bets:

Special Keno: place a side bet to win if none of player selected numbers have been drawn

Mega Keno: additional bet that all player selected numbers are drawn

North/South | West/South: Bet on 80 number grid of 20 numbers in each segment

The Edge Wager: automatically marks numbers around the one selected by the player

The Keno game will be played live from any PULSE ARENA Diamond Play Station. Mechanical Bubble generator, placed in the PULSE ARENA, will be used for continuous, every couple of minutes, live drawing of 20 Keno numbers.


Fully Automated

Fully Automated – Animator Assist

Video Multiplayer

Video Standalone